How to create an order on WhatsApp

Web and Desktop
Note: The payments feature is currently only available to users in Brazil using WhatsApp messenger app on Android or iOS.
In order to get paid on the WhatsApp Business app, you will need to create an order for a customer. To create an order for a customer on WhatsApp:
  1. Tap
    > Order > Create order.
  2. You may be prompted to share information with Meta about customer-related activities such as when an order is created or updated. This information is meant to help your ads reach the right audience. Tap Allow to agree or Don't allow to decline.
  3. Tap Add item. From here, you can select existing catalog items to add to the order. If you haven't created a catalog, you can tap Add custom item to add a new item or service and its price. Once you're ready, tap Continue.
  4. Tap Add discount, shipping or tax if you wish to add any.
  5. Tap Send order to send the finalized order to your customer.
You can also create an order from a cart sent to you by a customer. After a customer adds items to their cart, they can send the cart to you to create an order.
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