About end-to-end encrypted backup

WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption for all personal messages that you send and receive. This makes sure that only you and the person you’re talking to can read or listen to them. With end-to-end encrypted backup, you can add that same layer of protection to your iCloud and Google Account backups.
Password protection
When you create an end-to-end encrypted iCloud or Google Account backup, your messages and media are stored in the cloud. They’re secured by a password or a 64-digit encryption key. You can change your password as long as you have access to your WhatsApp account, or your previous password, or your encryption key.
Note: You can’t restore your backup if you lose access to your WhatsApp account and forget your password or encryption key. WhatsApp can’t send you a copy of your password or encryption key, reset your password or encryption key, or restore your backup for you.
Turn off end-to-end encrypted backup
You can use your password or key, biometrics, or your device PIN to turn off end-to-end encrypted backup.
Device-level backups on iPhone
If you have device backups turned on for your entire iPhone, your WhatsApp chat history will be excluded from the device backups once you turn on end-to-end encrypted backup.
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