We’re updating our Privacy Policy for people in the European Region

We’re updating our Privacy Policy for our users, at the direction of our lead European data protection regulator, the Irish Data Protection Commission.
As always, we can’t read or listen to your personal conversations, because they are end-to-end encrypted. This will never change.
We know that privacy is a top concern for our users, so we want to be very clear: this update does not change the way we operate our service, including how we process, use or share your data with anyone, including our parent company Meta.
Rather, we’ve better organised our Privacy Policy and updated it with additional information, including:
  • How we use data: We’ve added more detail about data we collect and use, why we store and when we delete your data, and what services third parties provide to us.
  • Our global operations: We've added more detail about why we share data across borders to provide our global service, and how we protect that data.
  • Our legal bases for processing: We’ve added more detail about the legal bases we rely on for processing your data.
We hope you continue to enjoy using WhatsApp.

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