About WhatsApp for Windows and Mac

To improve the WhatsApp experience for desktop users, we've developed native apps for Windows and Mac operating systems. The Windows and Mac apps provide increased performance and reliability, more ways to collaborate, and features to improve your productivity.

Benefits of native Mac and Windows apps

Calling and collaboration

  • Make voice calls with up to 32 people and video calls with up to 8 people.
  • Plan calls by creating and sharing call links. Learn how in this article.
  • Use screen sharing to collaborate while on a video call. Learn how in this article.
  • Join a group call after it’s started.
  • View your call history.
  • Choose to receive call notifications even when the app is closed.


  • Be more productive with multi-tasking and typing faster on a larger keyboard.
  • Receive notifications and messages even when your phone is offline.
  • Easily share files and media by dragging and dropping them into a chat.

Performance and reliability

  • Designed and optimized for your computer’s operating system.
  • Access up to three years of message history.
  • Increase reliability and speed.

Download WhatsApp for Windows or Mac

You can download WhatsApp for Windows from the WhatsApp Download page or the Microsoft App Store.
You can download WhatsApp for Mac from the WhatsApp Download page or the Apple App Store.

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