How to rejoin a group chat

To rejoin a group chat you’ve left, you’ll need to ask the group admin to re-invite you. In some cases, if the group admin has allowed them to in settings, other group members can re-invite you.
  • If you’re the only group admin and leave the group, another member is chosen at random to become the new admin. If you rejoin the group and would like to be an admin again, you need to ask the group admin to make you one.
  • When your account is deleted, you’re removed from all of your WhatsApp groups.

Rejoin a group you've left twice

If you want to rejoin a group you’ve left twice, you’ll need to wait 24 hours before the group admin or other members can re-invite you.
To avoid the wait time to re-invite a member, the admin or another member can share a group invite link with you.
Note: Every time you leave a group, the amount of time you must wait to be re-added by the group admin increases. The maximum amount of time you’d have to wait would be 81 days.

Access groups in a community

There are a few ways to access groups in a community.
You can tap or click the community the group is part of from the Communities tab or in your Chats tab. Then, tap or click the group.
Or, you can search for your group by typing the group name into the search bar.

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