About catalog

WhatsApp Business app users can share their products and services with customers by creating a catalog, which is displayed on their business profile.
Every product or service in the catalog has a unique title along with optional fields:
  • Price
  • Description
  • Website link
  • Product code
These details help customers identify products in the catalog. A catalog can contain up to 500 items.
An up-to-date catalog allows customers to browse a business’s products or services and connect with the business. Customers can share catalog items with their friends or message the business to ask questions.
Business Tip: Regularly updating your catalog of products and services can help keep interest in your business alive and facilitate customer retention.
Catalog sharing allows small businesses to promote their catalog and reach more potential customers. WhatsApp Business users can send their entire catalog to customers that they’re already connected with. They can also share their catalog link anywhere, through social media and other platforms, enabling more potential buyers to discover their business and directly message them about their products or services.
Note: Adding prices to a catalog is only available in certain countries.
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