How to manage or cancel your Meta Verified subscription for businesses only on WhatsApp

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Meta Verified is a subscription that helps your business establish its presence across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.
The following details are for businesses who want to verify their account on WhatsApp. If you want to verify your account on more than one app, like Facebook or Instagram, learn how to sign up for Meta Verified on the Meta Business Suite here.

Manage your Meta Verified subscription

Once you’ve successfully completed the verification process for your business, you can manage details of your Meta Verified subscription, payment methods and payment history, within WhatsApp Business.

View and manage your subscription

  1. Tap Tools > Meta Verified.
  2. Tap Manage subscription. If you subscribed for Meta Verification on Meta Business Suite, you’ll be prompted to go there to manage your subscription. If you subscribed for Meta Verification on the WhatsApp Business app, an in-app window will appear. From here, you can manage your subscription:
    • Tap your business profile, to view your business details.
    • Tap Payment method to view and update your payment method.
    • Tap Payment history to view your payment history.
  3. Tap X to close the subscription details window.

Cancel your Meta Verified subscription

  1. Tap Tools > Meta Verified.
  2. Tap Manage subscription. This will open an in-app window where you can view your subscription in the Meta Business Suite.
  3. Tap Cancel subscription. Then, tap Cancel subscription again to confirm.
You’ll continue to have access to your Meta Verified benefits, like web page and multi-agent, until the end of your current billing cycle. Any open conversations or cases you have with the support team will be closed after that billing cycle ends.

Renew your Meta Verified subscription

If you decide to renew a canceled subscription before the end of your current billing cycle, return to Manage subscription and tap Renew subscription. If you decide to renew after your billing cycle has closed, you’ll need to subscribe to Meta Verified again.

Move from WhatsApp Business Premium to Meta Verified

If you have an existing WhatsApp Business Premium subscription, you’ll be given the choice to transition to a Meta Verified subscription. We’ll ask you to make the decision by a certain time. If you choose to become verified, we’ll carry your WhatsApp web page and custom address link over to your Meta Verified subscription.

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