How to use WhatsApp on Ray-Ban Stories

WhatsApp’s commitment to your privacy hasn’t changed. When you use WhatsApp with Ray-Ban Stories, your calls and personal messages are secured with end-to-end encryption. No one outside of your chats, not even WhatsApp or Meta, can read or listen to them.
How your voice commands are kept private
When you use voice commands to do things like ask the Assistant to send a message or start a call, your voice commands are processed by Meta to respond to your request. To protect your privacy, voice commands related to WhatsApp on Ray-Ban Stories are not stored on Meta servers, regardless of your voice storage settings for Ray-Ban Stories.
How to send a WhatsApp message using voice commands with the Assistant
Your personal WhatsApp conversations are still protected by end-to-end encryption. To send a message hands-free with the Assistant, ask the Assistant to start a WhatsApp message with a contact. Assistant supports including your message contents in the same command. You can still send your message in multiple turns as well.
  • ‘Hey Facebook, message Anna on WhatsApp that I’m running late.’
  • ‘Hey Facebook, message Anna on WhatsApp.’ Wait for the Assistant to ask for your message. 'I'm running late.’
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