How to vote on channel polls

Responding to channel polls shows admins how you feel about topics in real-time. Anyone viewing a channel, including channel admins, can respond to polls.
People viewing or following a channel can only see how many people voted for each option.
Channel admins may be able to see limited profile information next to your vote:
  • Admins may view your profile photo next to your poll vote, depending on your privacy settings. Learn how to change your profile photo visibility and other privacy settings here.
  • If an admin has saved you as a contact, they can see your address book name next to your vote.

How to respond to channel polls

  • To vote: Tap or click the options you want to vote for.
  • To remove a vote: Tap or click the option again.
  • If admins have turned off the option to select multiple answers, tapping or clicking multiple options will deselect the one you previously selected.
  • You can’t copy or forward channel polls.

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