How is your data used with Facebook Shops?

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Shops are a way to look through collections and products from merchants on Facebook. To make the product experience even simpler, we’ve built a way to seamlessly allow WhatsApp users to view and message these Shops on our service.
As a Facebook product, Shops allows sellers to customize their offerings based on users’ shopping activities, such as which products a user views and purchases, so that they can make better product recommendations. Facebook may also use data from interactions on Shops to show users more relevant ads on other Facebook platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.
When you use Facebook Shops on WhatsApp, we collect and share information with Facebook about your shopping activity, such as the products you view and purchase. This means that your product browsing and purchasing experience within Shops may influence what you see in Shops and on other Facebook products. For instance, if you tap through collections of bicycles in Shops, you might see more content (including ads) about bicycles on Facebook. Additionally, if you make a purchase, Facebook and that merchant may ask for more details needed to process your payment and order.
While we share your activity on Shops, we take measures to limit information sharing and do not share your contacts or group information. You can learn more about end-to-end encryption here and business messaging here. For more information about sharing information with Facebook, including any opt outs, click here.
As is always the case when communicating with a business on WhatsApp, the Shops businesses that you chat with will be able to use the messages they receive for their own advertising. You can always contact that business to learn more about its privacy practices.
Learn more about how your activity on Shops is used to personalize and improve Shops products in the Shops Privacy Policy.
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