How to find and join events in a community group

You can find and join events created in groups that are part of a community.

Find events

There are several ways to find events.
You’ll only be able to see events in groups you’re a member of. The groups must be part of a community.
  • In a group chat. When someone adds an event to a group, it’ll appear in the group chat.
  • In Group info. Tap the group name at the top of a group chat. Tap Events.
  • In your Chats or Communities tab. Tap a community. If there are events, you’ll see Upcoming events. Tap to view events.

Respond to an event

  1. Tap Respond.
  2. Tap Going or Can’t go.
If the event creator edits or cancels the event, you’ll receive a notification if you responded Going. There’ll also be a system message in the group chat.

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