How to configure auto-download

You can set WhatsApp to automatically download photos, audio, videos, and documents when using mobile data, Wi-Fi, and when roaming. You can turn this option on or off based on your preferences.
Change your auto-download settings
  1. Tap Settings > Storage and data.
  2. Select your auto-download preferences for each category: Never, Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi and cellular.
    • Never: Media will never automatically download. You will need to manually tap each file to download it. Note: If you set your auto-download settings to Never, your videos won't automatically download. However, once you tap the play button, the video will play and continue the download process in the background.
    • Wi-Fi: Media will automatically download when you're connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot such as your home internet.
    • Wi-Fi and cellular: Media will automatically download whenever you have an internet connection. If you have a limited data plan, we suggest you restrict media to auto-download when connected to Wi-Fi only.
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