How to configure auto-download

You can set WhatsApp to automatically download photos, audio, videos, and documents when using mobile data, Wi-Fi, and when roaming. You can turn this option on or off based on your preferences.
Change your auto-download settings
  1. Tap More options > Settings > Storage and data.
  2. Under the Media auto-download section, select your auto-download preferences for each category:
    • When using mobile data: Selected media will automatically download when you are connected to cellular data.
    • When connected on Wi-Fi: Selected media will automatically download when you are connected to Wi-Fi.
    • When roaming: Selected media will automatically download when you are roaming. Note: Roaming data is often expensive. Enabling auto-download when roaming might result in significantly increased charges from your mobile provider.
Automatically downloaded media will show up in your gallery. To stop WhatsApp media from appearing in your gallery:
  • Create a .nomedia file or folder.
  • Place the .nomedia file or folder inside your WhatsApp images, audio and video folder
You can do this using a file explorer from the Google Play Store. Remember, you can always delete the .nomedia file and WhatsApp media will show up in your gallery again.
  • You can’t preview WhatsApp media files without downloading them to your phone. Auto-download settings only control whether this happens automatically or upon tapping the file.
  • Media files are automatically saved in your WhatsApp/Media folder. If you have internal storage, the WhatsApp folder is located in your Internal storage. If you do not have Internal storage, the folder will be on your SD card or external SD card.
  • Voice messages will always automatically download for the best communication experience.
  • Some media won’t auto-download if the file is above 32MB on cellular data or 100MB on Wi-Fi.
  • In group chats, media won’t auto-download if either the group admin or the person who sent the media isn’t in your phone’s contacts.
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