About accessibility features on WhatsApp

You can enable accessibility features on WhatsApp through your phone’s settings. On Android, you can:
  • Turn on the TalkBack screen reader if you want to interact with your device using touch and spoken feedback. If you want spoken feedback only at certain times, you can turn on Select to Speak.
  • Adjust the display or font size, temporarily zoom or magnify your screen, and adjust contrast or colors.
  • Use BrailleBack to connect a refreshable braille display to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Turn on various audio and on-screen text settings. Some options include captions, Live Caption, Live Transcribe, Sound Amplifier, hearing aid support, and real-time text (RTT).
For more details and instructions on the accessibility feature available on your phone, please visit the Google Help Center.
To report accessibility-related issues or share suggestions, you can contact us at accessibility@support.whatsapp.com.

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