Can't hear voice messages, status audio, or videos

If you can’t hear your voice messages, status audio, or videos, try the following:

Turn up your phone’s volume

Check that your phone’s volume isn’t low or muted. Turn up your phone’s speaker volume and try again.
If your device is on vibrate only or silent, playing a video status with audio will also be silent. Try turning up your volume or taking your phone off vibrate or silent.
If you’re using headphones with a dedicated mute button or slider, check they aren’t toggled off.

Check your phone’s proximity sensor

WhatsApp uses your phone's proximity sensor to play audio through the earpiece when you're holding your phone to your ear. However, some screen protectors and cases can disrupt this. Check that the voice message or video is being played through your phone's earpiece rather than the speaker.
If your screen goes black and you're unable to hear voice messages through the speaker, it's possible that your hand or fingers are accidentally triggering the proximity sensor. Try adjusting your grip or fingers and playing the audio again.
If the issue still persists, try making a phone call from your phone with the proximity sensor uncovered. If your screen turns off immediately, there's either an issue with your phone's proximity sensor or with your phone's software.

Check for connected Bluetooth devices

Your voice message or video might be playing on a Bluetooth device connected to your phone. If you’re sure there’s no wired audio device plugged into your phone, go to your phone’s settings and turn off Bluetooth connectivity.

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