About web pages for verified businesses

Note: This feature may not be available to you yet.
You can easily create a professional WhatsApp web page that’s:
  • Tailored to your business
  • Easy for your customers to remember
Without WhatsApp web pageWith WhatsApp web page
Link based on your phone numberCustomizable, easy-to-remember link
A web page with your business name and profile pictureAn indexable web page with your business name, profile picture, hours, address, website, catalog, and more
Easy way to create and manage a professional web page
Your business’s WhatsApp web page showcases information from your business profile and catalog. It’s also easy to manage.
Business Tips:
  • A WhatsApp web page can help you build your online presence and credibility.
  • A WhatsApp web page makes your business easier to discover on search engines.
  • The more information you put on your business profile, the more information customers can see on your web page.

Create your web page

  1. Tap Tools > Meta Verified.
  2. Tap Web Page > Get Started.
  3. Enter your desired web page address.
  4. If the address is not available, try another name. If the address is available, tap Create web page.
  5. Once your web page is created successfully, it’ll open in WhatsApp.
  • This feature might not be available to you yet.
  • Your web page address must:
    • Follow the WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy and Business Terms of Service.
    • Represent your business and not impersonate another business.
    • Contain between 5 and 35 alphanumeric characters.
    • Not be in all capital letters or all numbers. Capital letters in your link should reflect the capitalization in your business name.
    • Not contain special characters (example: ~, !, -), emojis, or spaces.
    • Not contain keywords related to Meta platforms (example: WhatsApp, Instagram).
  • You can’t have more than one web page.
  • Customers can still find you at your short link in addition to your custom address link.
Once created, your WhatsApp web page will be live on the web. Sharing your web page address outside WhatsApp will lead customers to your web page. Sharing your web page address inside WhatsApp, it will open a chat with you.

Share your WhatsApp web page

  1. Tap
    next to your business name.
  2. Tap the person or group you’d like to share it with.

Change or delete your web page

  1. To change your web page address, tap
    more options
    > Edit page address > Continue. Then complete the web page address creation process.
  2. To delete your web page, tap
    more options
    > Delete web page > Delete.
After you delete your web page, customers can still find you at your short link.
Note: You can only change your web page address once every 90 days. If you delete your web page address, your web page will be removed from the web and that web page address will become available for others to claim.

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