About WhatsApp Flows for businesses

Note: WhatsApp Flows is currently only available to businesses on the WhatsApp Business Platform.
WhatsApp Flows enables businesses to create richer, easier and more engaging experiences between customers and businesses. This gives businesses the flexibility to quickly configure and customize solutions for their customers on WhatsApp.
As a business using WhatsApp Flows, you can build component-based, end-to-end experiences that enable your customers to:
  • Book appointments with you
  • Log in to their accounts with you
  • Customize a product that they're interested in
  • Fill out and submit forms
  • Sign up for events and promotions
Importantly, your customers can do all of these things without having to leave WhatsApp.
If you're interested in leveraging WhatsApp Flows for your business or client but aren't currently on the WhatsApp Business Platform, view this article to learn how to get started.
If you're already on the WhatsApp Business Platform and are looking for information about implementing WhatsApp Flows, visit this page.
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