How to pin a message

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You can pin up to three messages to the top of a chat. Once pinned, the message stays at the top of the chat as a banner for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. Tap on the pinned message banner to navigate to the message in the chat.
If more than one message is pinned, the banner shows how many messages are pinned. The most recent pinned message appears first in the banner. Tap the banner to see the next pinned message.

Pin a message

A pinned message is displayed as a banner at the top of the chat until it's unpinned.
  1. Hover over the message and click
  2. Click Pin message > select the pin duration (24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days)
  3. Click Pin.

Unpin a message

You can unpin a message at any time. If a pin isn't unpinned, it will automatically unpin when the set duration expires.
  1. Hover over the pinned message and click
  2. Click Unpin > Unpin.

Pin a message in group chats

Group admins can choose to allow members to pin messages in a group chat.
  1. Open the group chat and click the group name.
  2. Click Group settings > Edit group info.
  3. Select All members or Only admins.
When you pin a message in a group chat, a system message is shared with everyone in the chat indicating that a message was pinned and who pinned it. Users can't see a pinned message if they join a group after a pinned message is sent, if they lost or cleared their chat history, or if they deleted the message before it was pinned.

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