How to send a message for admin review

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If group admins have turned on Send for admin review, you can request to have admins review a message sent in the group chat. For example, you can send a message for admin review if you believe the message is a scam, spam, or otherwise inappropriate for the group. Admins have the ability to delete content in groups for a limited period of time, and to remove abusive members from a group.
Share a message with admins for review
All group admins will be notified when you request to have a message reviewed. Other group members and the message sender won't be notified. Admins can choose to delete the message from the chat or report the message to WhatsApp.
Note: You can't send the same message for admin review more than once.
  1. Click and hold the message you want admins to review.
  2. Click Send for admin review.
  3. Click OK.
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