How to unfollow a channel

Web and Desktop

You can choose to unfollow a channel at any time. When you unfollow, you'll no longer get notifications or see updates in the Channels section of your Updates tab. Unfollow a channel from the channel or channel info page.
Note: Channel admins can’t “unfollow” a channel they manage and won’t see the options below. To unfollow the channel, first dismiss yourself as an admin, then follow the instructions below.
Unfollow from the channel info page
You can update your following preferences from the channel info page two ways. You can click Unfollow or adjust by clicking the icons below.
  • "Following" icon means you're following a channel. Click to unfollow.
  • "Follow" icon means you're not following a channel. Click to follow.
Unfollow from the channel
  • Open the channel you want to unfollow.
  • Click
    more options
    > Unfollow.
  • Confirm by clicking Unfollow.
  • WhatsApp Channels has begun rolling out but isn’t available to everyone yet. Join the waitlist to be notified when WhatsApp Channels is available to you.
  • Where channels is available, we’re rolling out new features gradually. Some features, like being able to create a channel, might not be available to you yet.
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