About interactions with business chats that include offers and announcements

Messages that include offers and announcements can provide you with valuable information from businesses you choose to talk to on WhatsApp. These messages might include coupons, information about new products, back-in-stock alerts, or reminders about upcoming sales or events.
WhatsApp requires businesses to secure your permission to send offers and announcements. To reduce spam, help businesses send you relevant messages and improve Meta ads, WhatsApp's parent company, Meta, may receive limited info when you interact with offers and announcements in business chats marked with this icon (>>).

Your privacy is our priority

  • When you see this icon (>>) in the chat thread or on the business profile, it means Meta may receive limited info. You can tap on this icon (>>) to learn more or decide to stop chatting before any information is shared.
  • The content of your messages and calls isn’t shared by WhatsApp. Neither is your name or phone number. Learn more about the privacy and security of messages with businesses here.
  • Info Meta receives includes when you interact with a business chat such as:
    • If you visit a website from a message that includes offers and announcements
  • You are in control of the conversation. You can stop chatting with the business or block them at any time. Learn about controls you have when messaging businesses.

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