How to create a verified channel on the WhatsApp Business app

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Once you’ve subscribed to Meta Verified for Business on WhatsApp and your account has been verified, you can create a verified channel or verify one of your existing channels.

Create a new verified channel

If you don’t already have a channel on WhatsApp Business, you’ll need to create one before you can add the verified badge.
  1. Tap Tools > Meta Verified > Verified channel.
  2. Tap Get started > Continue.
  3. Enter your Channel description.
  4. Tap Create verified channel. This will create a new channel with your verified business name and profile picture.

Add a verification badge to a channel

If you have an existing WhatsApp channel, you can add a verified badge. Currently, you can only verify one channel per Meta Verified account.
  1. Open your channel. Then, tap your channel name.
  2. Tap Add a verified badge.
  3. Select the verified business account you'd like to connect to your channel. The Channel name and picture will change to match your verified details.
  4. Tap Confirm changes.
Your channel should now show the verified badge. If it doesn’t appear immediately, you may need to restart WhatsApp Business to see the update.

Remove the verified badge from your channel

Once you’ve added the verified badge to your channel or created a new verified channel, your channel name and profile picture will be locked. This means you will be unable to edit your channel info until you cancel your Meta Verified subscription or remove the verified badge from your channel.
To remove the badge:
  1. Open your channel. Then, tap your channel name.
  2. Tap Remove verified badge > Remove.
Removing the verified badge from your channel will not impact the status of your Meta Verified subscription.
Note: The verified badge may be removed for integrity reasons, such as channel suspension.

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