How to delete channel updates

You can delete an update up to 30 days after sending. Deleting an update deletes it for everyone, and followers or new people visiting your channel won't see updates that are successfully deleted. If you want to edit a channel update instead, you can edit an update up to 30 days after sharing. Learn more about how to edit channel updates.
Keep in mind:
  • People may see an update before you delete it or if deletion isn't successful.
  • When an update contains media, users may still have things like photos or videos automatically downloaded and saved to their phone. These and any other locally saved copies of updates (like screenshots) will remain even after you delete the update.
  • Updates that are forwarded between WhatsApp users or shared off platform won't be deleted.

Delete an update from your channel

  1. From the Updates tab, find and tap on your channel to open it.
  2. Tap and hold the update you want to delete.
  3. Tap
    > Delete for everyone.
If successfully deleted:
  • You'll see a message in your channel: "You deleted this update."
  • Followers will see the message in your channel: "This update was deleted."
If an update isn't deleted successfully, it'll remain in your channel.
  • WhatsApp Channels has begun rolling out but isn’t available to everyone yet. Join the waitlist to be notified when WhatsApp Channels is available to you.
  • Where channels is available, we’re rolling out new features gradually. Some features, like being able to create a channel, might not be available to you yet.
Note: When you delete your channel, it doesn’t affect channel information and content that other users may continue to have. For example, a copy of channel content saved locally on their device or that has been forwarded to other users or shared outside of WhatsApp.

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