How to report a catalog listing or business

If you think a business is violating our Commerce Policy, you can report them.
Report a product or service
To report a product or service:
  1. Open the chat with the business
  2. Click on the
    icon located next to their business name
  3. Click on a product or service to view Details.
  4. Click on the
    icon > Report product.
  5. You have two options:
    • To simply report a product or service, click REPORT PRODUCT.
    • To provide more details, click TELL US MORE. Then, select an option and click SUBMIT.
Report a business
To report a business:
  1. Go to the WhatsApp Business profile
  2. Click on the
    icon for more options, located on the top right corner
  3. Click Report business.
  4. You have two options:
    • To block and report the business, click the check box next to Block business and delete this chat's messages. Then, tap REPORT
    • To simply report the business, click REPORT.
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