How to create channel polls

Web and Desktop
Channel polls are a simple way for admins to engage with channel users by asking questions and getting real-time answers. Like all channel updates, polls are public and anyone using channels can vote on them (followers, viewers, or channel admins).

Create a channel poll

  1. Open Channels by clicking the Channels icon. Find and click your channel to open it.
  2. Click
    > Poll.
  3. Under Question, enter your question. Poll questions are limited to 255 characters.
  4. Under Options enter up to 12 poll options. Poll options are limited to 100 characters.
    • Click and drag
      to change the order of your poll options by sliding up or down.
  5. Adjust the polls settings:
    • Users can vote for multiple options on polls by default.
    • To prevent users from voting for more than one option, turn off the Allow multiple answers toggle by clicking it.
  6. Click
    to share the poll to your channel.
Deleting and editing polls: You can’t edit polls, but you can delete and recreate the poll. Like other types of updates, you can only delete a poll within 30 days of sharing it.

View channel poll details

Click the poll to view the poll details.
As a channel admin, you’ll be able to see:
  • Number of votes for each option.
  • Details about who voted for each option like:
    • Profile photos depending on their privacy settings.
    • Profile name, only if you’ve already saved them as a contact.
    • When they voted.

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