About WhatsApp auto-update

Automatically stay up-to-date with the latest version of WhatsApp for new features and bug fixes. By default, WhatsApp auto-updates are turned on when you accept our Terms of Service. With Meta Preloads, WhatsApp updates automatically on Wi-Fi to avoid unnecessary mobile data charges.
If you’d like to opt-out of WhatsApp auto-updates, go to WhatsApp Settings > App updates. Turn Auto-update WhatsApp off > Turn off.
When auto-update is turned off, you can choose to receive notifications when a new version of WhatsApp is available for updates. To turn on update notifications, go to WhatsApp Settings > App updates. Under Notifications, turn WhatsApp update available on.
Note: Google Play will continue to be the first option to update WhatsApp. You might still receive auto-updates or manual notifications to update WhatsApp from Google Play.
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