How to report a catalog or business

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Businesses should respond to customer messages promptly. If you haven’t received a response after messaging a business, it may be an issue with your device’s connection. Learn how to troubleshoot connection issues.
If your device is successfully connected and the business still hasn’t responded, or if you believe a business is violating the WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy, you can report them.
Report a product or service
  1. Open your chat with the business.
  2. Tap the business’s name.
  3. Next to Products, tap See All.
  4. Tap the product or service.
  5. Tap
    more options
    > Report.
  6. You have two options:
    • To report a product or service, tap Report.
    • To provide more details, tap Tell us more. Select an option, then tap Submit.
Report a business
  1. Open your chat with the business.
  2. Tap the business’ name.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, then tap Report business.
  4. You have two options:
    • To report and block the business, tap the check box next to Block business and delete chat. Then, tap Report.
    • To report the business, tap Report.
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