How to subscribe to Meta Verified for Business on WhatsApp

Note: This feature may not be available to you yet. To check availability, go to Settings or Business Tools in the WhatsApp Business app and tap Meta Verified. If you don’t see the Meta Verified option, it’s not yet available to you.
Meta Verified is a subscription that helps your business establish its presence across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.
The following details are for businesses who only use WhatsApp. If your business has a presence on Facebook or Instagram, and you already have an account on Meta Business Suite, learn how to sign up for Meta Verified here.
Those interested in signing up for Meta Verified for Business on WhatsApp will need to apply and meet certain eligibility requirements. We recommend having your business information ready before you begin the application process.
Note: The business name you’d like to use for your Meta Verified subscription needs to match the name reflected on any business documentation you provide during the verification process.
To apply for Meta Verified for businesses on WhatsApp:
  1. From the Chatlist, tap Tools.
  2. Tap Meta Verified. If you don’t see the Meta Verified option, this means that it may not be available to you yet. Join the waitlist to be notified when it is available to you.
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. Tap the button for hte subscription package we've recommended for your business.
  5. Confirm your business account. Tap Next.
  6. If your business account meets the eligibility requirements, you’ll be prompted to set up your payment method and make your first payment. Tap Pay and complete the payment process.
    • Note: This payment will be refunded if Meta is unable to verify your business.
  7. Tap Next.
  8. Select your business. Then, tap Next. If your business account isn't provided as an option, tap None of these matches my business.
  9. Select a verification method. Then, tap Next.
  10. Provide your verification information, then tap Next or Submit.
  11. Tap Done.
Your application is now submitted. Meta will review your application and provide an update within three business days. Once the review is complete, you’ll receive a notification through the verification method you selected.

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