How to make a video call

Web and Desktop
Video calling lets you video call your contacts using WhatsApp.
Make a video call
  1. Open the WhatsApp chat with the contact you want to video call.
  2. Tap Video call
Alternatively, open WhatsApp, then tap the CALLS tab > New call
. Find the contact you want to video call, then tap Video call
Receive a video call
If your phone is locked, you'll see an incoming WhatsApp video call screen when someone video calls you, where you can:
  • Swipe up to accept
  • Swipe up to decline
  • Swipe up to reply
    to decline the call with a quick message.
If your phone is unlocked, you’ll see an Incoming video call pop-up when someone video calls you, where you can tap Decline or Answer.
Switching between video and voice calls
Switch from a video call to a voice call
  1. While on the video call, tap Video off
    , which will notify the contact you're video calling.
  2. Once the contact turns their video off, the call will be switched to a voice call.
Switch from a voice call to a video call
  1. While on the voice call, tap Video call
    > SWITCH.
  2. The contact you're voice calling will see a request to switch to a video call and can accept or decline the switch.
  • Make sure you and your contacts have strong internet connections when placing or receiving group video calls. The quality of the video call will depend on the contact with the weakest connection.
  • Video calling is only available on Android phones running 4.1 or newer.
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