How to reply and react to announcements

When you’re in a community, you’ll be added to an Announcements group.
Admins can use this group to send announcements to all community members.
Only community admins can send announcements in the Announcements group.
As a member, you can react, report and reply to announcements.

How to reply to announcements

  1. Tap your community.
  2. Tap Announcements.
  3. Tap Reply on an announcement.
  4. Type your reply and tap Send.
You can see other members’ replies by tapping and holding Replies.
Note: If the community is deactivated, you can still see previous replies on an announcement. You won’t be able to add any new replies though.

How to react to announcements

Reacting to an announcement is the same as reacting to other messages on WhatsApp. Learn how to send message reactions.
You can’t react to other members’ replies to an announcement.

How to report announcements

  1. Tap your community.
  2. Tap the Announcement group.
  3. Tap and hold an announcement.
  4. Tap Report.
Note: To protect user privacy, your phone number is only visible to community admins, people who have saved your number in their contacts, or those who have your number from your other chats.

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