How to message yourself

Web and Desktop
You can send messages to yourself to keep track of notes and messages. Messages to yourself work and look like regular chats, but you can't make audio calls, video calls, mute notifications, block or report yourself, or see your last seen and online.

Message yourself

  1. Open Chats.
  2. Tap
    new chat
  3. Search for or select your name or phone number to create your chat.
You can quickly find this chat by pinning it to the top of your chats list. Learn how to pin a chat in this article.

Forward a message to yourself

  1. Open the chat with the message you want to forward to yourself.
  2. Long press on the message > tap Forward.
  3. Search for your name or phone number > tap
Note: Messages to yourself are end-to-end encrypted. To learn more about end-to-end encryption, read this article.

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