Fixing issues viewing status

If you can’t see someone else’s status, or they’re having trouble seeing yours, below are a few potential solutions to try.

Read receipts

Turn on read receipts. If you or the person trying to view your status has turned these off, you won’t be able to see status views.

Status privacy

If you can’t see someone’s status, it could be because they’ve changed their status privacy settings. You could ask them to check this, or to check if you’re in their status audience.
Likewise, someone won’t be able to view your status if your privacy settings don’t allow them to, or they’re not included in your audience.


Ensure you and the other person have a strong mobile internet or Wi-Fi connection. Find out what to do if you can’t connect to WhatsApp.


Add the other person to your contacts. Ask them to add you to theirs. Find out what to do if you can’t see contacts on WhatsApp.
Check your contacts’ numbers are saved in full international format.
If you have multiple accounts, make sure you’re using the WhatsApp account and phone number your contacts have saved for you.

App permissions

Reset WhatsApp’s app permissions and ensure they’re all turned on.

Restart your device

Restarting your device can help reset apps. Try turning it off and on again.

WhatsApp version

Update WhatsApp to the latest version available for your device.

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