How to choose a language for voice message transcripts

For the correct voice message transcript to display, your transcript language setting should be the same as the language of the voice message you received. You can change the preferred language for transcripts to match your voice messages in WhatsApp Settings.
Note: We’re committed to providing a seamless private experience with voice message transcripts. To do so, we’re testing private voice message transcripts with only iPhone users in select countries while we continue to build the feature.
Change the language of a voice message transcript
  1. Tap and long press the voice message.
  2. Tap Transcipt language.
  3. Select the matching language from the list.
Change the preferred language for future voice messages transcripts
  1. Go to WhatsApp Settings.
  2. Tap Chats.
  3. Turn on Voice message transcripts from the list.
For voice message transcripts to display
  • The voice message must be less than two minutes long. For longer messages, tap Transcribe from the voice message to get a transcription.
  • Your operating system must be iOS 16 and newer and “Hey Siri” must be enabled. To learn how to use Siri with WhatsApp, read this article.
  • The transcript will load automatically for voice messages two minutes or shorter.
  • The voice message transcript might take a moment to become available.
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