About not seeing a feature on WhatsApp

Sometimes there’s a short wait before a new or updated feature is available to everyone on WhatsApp. You may not see changes that others can, and vice versa.
This is because of a few reasons:
Beta testing program

Some users might be able to use new features before others - for example, those enrolled in WhatsApp beta. This means these WhatsApp users have signed up to a program which lets them test out features before we launch them to everyone on WhatsApp.
Countries or regions

Sometimes we launch new features in phases around the world for various reasons. You may live in a country or region where the feature isn’t available yet.
App not updated to latest version

If you have an older version of WhatsApp, the feature might not be available to you. Make sure to always keep WhatsApp updated to the latest version through Google Play or the App Store.
Specific devices

Some new or updated features are available on specific devices first. For example, iPhone users might see a particular feature quicker than someone on Android, and vice versa.
Slow release

Sometimes, we release features slowly. This means there can be a wait of a few hours, days or even weeks before every user can use a new or updated feature.

  • You typically won’t be able to turn off our new and updated features or go back to an old version of WhatsApp.
  • It isn't possible to customize or rearrange the location of features or the layout of tabs in WhatsApp.
We’re constantly working to improve our products. To stay up to date with WhatsApp's features, keep an eye on our Help Center, blog and social feeds.
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