How to view cart as a customer

As a WhatsApp Business user, the cart feature is available on your profile, as long as you’ve created a catalog for your customers. Your customers can add items from your catalog to their cart and send it to you as the seller.
Note: If you are using multiple devices on your account, items in your cart will not sync across all devices.
View cart as customer
To see how the cart experience is for your customers, add items to your cart from your own catalog and send it to yourself.
  1. Open the WhatsApp Business app.
  2. On Android, tap More options
    . On iPhone, tap Settings.
  3. Then, tap Business tools > Catalog.
  4. Tap Add item
    next to an item to add the item to your cart. You can also tap an item to open the product detail page. Then, tap Add to cart.
    • Tap Add item
      or Remove item
      to adjust the quantity of an item in your cart.
  5. To add more items, tap Back
    to repeat the previous step for any other desired items.
  6. Tap VIEW CART or the Cart icon (
    ). You can also tap the Cart icon in your message with the business to view your cart.
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