Can't change phone number

If you can’t change your phone number, there are a few things to check:
Check if your old number is registered

Check whether the old phone number you entered is currently registered on your WhatsApp account.
You can see what phone number is registered by going to WhatsApp Settings. Then, tap your profile photo.
If your old phone number isn’t registered, register it first before you try to change your phone number again.
Check your SIM

You have an active and working SIM card for the new phone number you want to use with WhatsApp.
Check your connection

Check that you have a strong and stable cellular connection.
Check your storage

Make sure your device has sufficient internal storage.
Check that you’re using a supported phone number

Make sure you’re using a supported phone number. Unsupported phone numbers can’t be registered on WhatsApp and include:
  • VoIP
  • Landlines.
    • Note: Landlines are only accepted on the WhatsApp Business app.
  • Toll-free numbers.
  • Paid premium numbers.
  • Universal access numbers (UAN).
  • Personal numbers.
  • Changing your phone number isn't supported on KaiOS. But, you can register your new phone number by going through the registration process. Your old account information won't be transferred to the new phone number and you'll lose your individual and group chats
  • If you’re trying to register a new phone number after you’ve changed it, read about registering your phone number.
  • We don't support unofficial clients or for jailbroken, rooted, or unsupported devices.
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