How to see channel metrics

As a channel admin, you can see metrics about how people interact with your channel content and have limited information about your followers.

How to see your follower list

The follower list is available on the channel info page.
To get to your channel info page:
  1. Go to the Updates tab on mobile, or click the Channels icon from WhatsApp Web.
  2. Tap or click your channel to open it.
  3. Tap or click your channel name.
From the follower list you can:
  • See how many people follow your channel.
  • See followers who are also your contacts and some details about them like:
    • Name
    • Profile photo (depending on their privacy settings)
  • Quickly interact with followers who are also your contacts — clicking on a contact will open a new private message in the Chats tab and messages will come from your WhatsApp profile, not your channel.

How to see reaction details for channel updates

On each channel update you can see how people reacted to it.
Emoji reactions: Long press or click the update you want to see reaction details for to see:
  • Number of each type of emoji reaction.
  • Details about who reacted with emojis like:
    • Profile photos (depending on their privacy settings)
    • Profile name (if they’re also your contact)
Note: WhatsApp Channels has begun rolling out but isn’t available to everyone yet. Join the waitlist to be notified when WhatsApp Channels is available to you.
Where Channels is available, we’re rolling out new features gradually. Some features, like being able to create a channel, might not be available to you yet.

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