About general chat for communities

General chat is a group that new community members can choose to join.
It’s separate to announcement groups, which are used to communicate announcements from admins to members.
General chat works like other WhatsApp groups. Admins and members can use general chat to take part in group discussions focused around the community topic.
Community members will see notifications when a new member joins, and discussions from everyone in the group.
Like other groups, the community general chat limit is 1,024 members. You can exit the general chat at any time without leaving the community.

As a member

When you join a community, you can choose to join general chat, unless the chat is full. In this case, you’ll need to wait until there’s space for you to join.
The community general chat appears in the community Groups you can join.
You can add members to the general chat. You can also mute, exit, and report the general chat.

As a group admin

Community admins are automatically added as general chat admins by default. Admins can manage how group members interact with each other through group admin settings. Community admins can also promote and dismiss community general chat admins.
When general chat is created, admins will see a message about how to get started with the community general chat. You can edit the general chat name, description, and photo and will see the members list as people join.
Approve New Members is turned off by default so that members can easily participate in the community general chat.
Turning on the setting in Group Settings requires the admin to review every request to join the group before a member can join.
Admins can remove people from the group, and can unlink the group from the community.
When the community general chat reaches 1,024 members, new community members can’t join or be added to the group. New community members can join the community general chat when a member is removed or exits the group.
Admins can leave the group without leaving the community. Community owners can’t leave the general chat. If an admin unlinks general chat, it gets deactivated and all members will be removed from the group.

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