Supporting your well-being

With private messaging and calling, you can be yourself, speak freely and feel close to the most important people in your life, no matter where they are.
Learning how to safely navigate digital communication spaces is important for your well-being.

Be mindful of what you share

We encourage you to think carefully before you decide to share something on WhatsApp. Consider whether you would want others to see what you've sent.
When you share a chat, photo, video, file, or voice message with someone else on WhatsApp, they'll have a copy of these messages. They can forward or share this information with others if they choose to. You can also use the view once feature to limit sharing messages.

Only share your location with people you trust

WhatsApp’s location feature lets you choose to share your live location in a WhatsApp message. This feature is end-to-end encrypted, which means no one can see your live location except the people you shared with.

Support healthy conversations

You should get permission from contacts before you add them to a group and remember that anyone can choose to leave a group at any time.

Stop bullying and harassment

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