How to share your screen

Screen sharing allows people to share what’s on their screen in real time. You must be in a video call to share your screen.
Share your screen during a video call
  1. Tap
    in the video controls and then tap Share screen. Your phone will show a prompt indicating that you're about to begin recording with WhatsApp.
  2. Tap Start now to begin screen sharing.
  3. To stop sharing your screen, tap Stop Sharing.
  • During a screen sharing session, the video feeds of call members appear below shared content.
  • The information displayed on your shared screen, including usernames and passwords, are visible to the person you're sharing with.
  • Screen sharing isn't available during audio calls.
  • Screen sharing is protected with end-to-end encryption and is never recorded by WhatsApp. No one outside of the call, not even WhatsApp, can see or hear what you share on your screen.
  • For the best experience, update to the latest operating system and the latest version of WhatsApp. If members aren't using the latest version, a prompt will appear to update WhatsApp before screen sharing.

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