About shopping on WhatsApp

Shopping on WhatsApp is quick and easy for businesses and their customers.
Note: Some of these features may not be available to you yet.
Discover Businesses
There are a couple different ways that customers can connect with businesses on WhatsApp.
  • Business profile: A business’s WhatsApp business profile includes important business information like their address, category, description, social media accounts, email, and website. To view a business’s profile, open a chat with the business and tap their business name at the top of the chat. You can easily share business profiles with your friends and family. From the business profile, tap Forward
    and select which contacts to share it with.
  • WhatsApp QR codes for businesses: To connect with a business on WhatsApp, scan their WhatsApp QR code. The WhatsApp camera can only scan official WhatsApp QR codes. Learn more about scanning a business’ QR code on Android or iPhone.
Explore products and services
Businesses on WhatsApp can create a catalog to showcase their products and services to help customers find what they’re looking for.
  • WhatsApp Catalog: Every catalog item has a unique title and optional fields like price, description, website link and product code. Learn more about viewing a business’s catalog here.
  • Shopping while chatting with a business: Some businesses choose to share lists containing a selection of items when chatting with customers. These lists help customers find the products and services they’re looking for more easily. Learn more about shopping using conversational commerce here.
Note: Adding prices to a catalog is only available in certain countries.
Place an order
  • Cart: As customers browse a business’ products and services, they can add items to a cart. Once they add items to their cart, they can send the cart to their chat with the business and discuss payment options. Learn more about placing an order using cart on Android or iPhone.
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