About video messages

Video messages on WhatsApp allow you to instantly record and share up to 60-second video messages directly in the chat. You can send a short video to stay connected to each other.
  • We’re rolling out updates to this feature. Some users may not yet be able to send video messages using the camera icon. If this update isn’t available to you yet, you can still send video messages by tapping the microphone icon to switch from voice to video recording, then pressing and holding the video camera icon to start recording.
  • To access new WhatsApp feature updates, we recommend updating WhatsApp to the latest version. Learn how here.
Record video messages
You can send a video message to an individual chat or group in one of two ways:
  • Press and hold the camera icon next to the text field to begin recording your message.
  • Use lock mode to record hands-free video messages.
Forward or save video messages
Your video messages are private. Only you can forward your own video messages. No one else can forward your video message to another WhatsApp chat. It’s not possible to save your video messages.
Preview and play video messages you've received
When you receive a video message on WhatsApp, it'll appear as a muted preview that auto-plays three times on loop. To play a video message you’ve received, tap the video message preview in the chat. The message will enlarge and start playing from the beginning. While the video message is playing, you can pause it by tapping or clicking the video, or by scrolling away from it. Resume the video by tapping or clicking it again.
Delete video messages
Like with other messages, you have a limited time to delete the video messages for yourself or everyone in the chat. When you select Delete for me, your recipients will still see the messages in their chat screen. Messages you select as Delete for everyone will remove that message from everyone’s chat screen. Delete for everyone is useful if you’ve sent a video message to the wrong chat or if the video message you sent contains a mistake.
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