How to choose ad settings

When creating an ad, you have the option to choose specific ad settings to help reach certain audiences.
Estimated reach
Estimated reach is the number of people who wil see the ad at least once, over the lifetime of the campaign.
Budget and duration
Once your ad is live, it will be visible only for a set duration. You can choose how long you want your ad to be visible for. This duration is budget dependent.
You can filter the specific set of users whom you want to display your ad to. This filtered set of users will be your target audience who might see your ad and message you on WhatsApp.
You can advertise to different target audiences based on age, gender, and location.
Special ad categories
Special ad categories apply to ads that have specific requirements in certain countries. Creation of these ads is not currently supported on WhatsApp. Please go to Meta Ads Manager to create these types of ads. Learn more.
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