About the WhatsApp Business directory

Note: This feature may not be available in your area yet.
The WhatsApp Business directory is a fast, safe, and convenient way to find shops, restaurants, and businesses. The directory helps you expand your reach by connecting with new customers for free and share your business information through your business profile, such as your business name, description, address, business hours, and category.
Note: To help you build trust with your customers, the month and year you joined the WhatsApp Business app is also displayed on your business profile. This information is not affected if you change the phone number for your WhatsApp Business account.
Businesses must meet certain requirements to be included in the business directory. Learn more about these requirements in this article.
Businesses must apply to be included in the directory. To apply to the business directory, tap More options > Business tools > Business directory > APPLY NOW.
The WhatsApp Business directory is currently only available in Brazil and on Android. Over time, we’ll expand the availability of directory to more businesses, including those outside of Brazil and those that use the WhatsApp Business app on iOS.
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