About the WhatsApp Business directory

The WhatsApp Business directory is a fast, safe, and convenient way for people to find businesses. The directory helps you reach new and existing customers and share your business information through your business profile.
Your business profile enables you to establish your business presence on WhatsApp and tell prospective customers about your business and what you can offer.
To benefit fully from the WhatsApp Business directory, complete your business profile thoroughly and update it regularly. The more information you list about your business, the easier it will be for customers to find and contact you. A complete and accurate business profile helps establish trust with your customers.
To help you grow your business on Whatsapp, make sure you include the following information when completing your business profile:
  • Your business name
  • Your business profile photo with your business logo
  • A description of your business in the bio
  • Your business address
  • Your business location on a map or service radius. Service radius is for businesses with no fixed location that wish to clarify what geographic area they can and cannot serve customers.
  • Your business categories
  • Catalog items that help prospective customers understand the products and services that your business offers
  • Your business hours
  • Your business’ Facebook page or Instagram Business profile to your WhatsApp Business account.
    • Note: The last few posts from your linked Facebook page and Instagram Business profile will show in your business profile. This feature may not be available in your area yet.
Note: To help you build trust with your customers, the month and year you joined the WhatsApp Business app is also displayed on your business profile. This information is not affected if you change the phone number for your WhatsApp Business account.
For more information about how to apply to the WhatsApp Business directory, read this article.
See more businesses like this is a directory feature that allows customers to discover businesses similar to yours while on your business profile. Customers may also discover your business by selecting this feature while viewing other profiles, thereby increasing the visibility of your business.
The WhatsApp Business directory is currently only available in Brazil and may not be available in your area yet. Businesses that apply must meet certain requirements to be included in the Business directory. Learn more about these requirements in this article.
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