About unofficial apps

Unofficial apps are altered versions of WhatsApp, which means they’re developed by third-parties and violate our Terms of Service. We don't support these apps because we can't validate their security practices.
These apps put your privacy, security, and safety at risk. If you’re using them, there’s no guarantee your messages or your data, like your location or the files you share, will be private and secure. Your account might also be temporarily or permanently banned.
Learn more about banned accounts in this article.
Always use the official WhatsApp app
Before downloading our official app, we recommend saving your chat history. Learn how to save your chat history on Android or iPhone.
Note: We can't guarantee that the chat history transfer will be successful because we don’t support unofficial apps.
After backing up your information, go to our website to download WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Business app and re-register your phone number. Learn how to register on Android, iPhone, and KaiOS.
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