Seeing “You have been logged out”

When you open WhatsApp and see “You have been logged out”, it might be due to the following:
  • You changed your phone or your phone number.
  • You wrongly guessed your two-step verification PIN.
  • Your account has been inactive for more than 120 days.
To log back in, simply re-register your phone number:
  1. Enter your phone number:
    • Choose your country from the drop-down list. This will automatically fill your country code on the left.
    • Enter your phone number in the box on the right. Don't put any zeros before your phone number.
  2. Tap Next to request a code.
  3. Enter the 6-digit code you receive by SMS.
If you didn't receive the 6-digit code by SMS:
  • Wait for the progress bar to finish and retry. The wait may take up to 10 minutes.
  • Don't guess the code, or you will be locked out for a period of time.
  • If the timer runs out before you receive the code, choose the Call me option to request a call. When you answer it, an automated voice will tell you the 6-digit code.
Note: Depending on your carrier, you might be charged for SMS and phone calls.

Troubleshooting steps

If you have issues registering, try the following:
  1. Make sure you have an active SIM card for the number you’re trying to register.
  2. Reboot your phone (to reboot your phone, turn it off, wait for 30 seconds, and turn it back on).
  3. Save your chat history, then delete and reinstall the latest version of WhatsApp.
  4. Send a test SMS message from any phone to your own phone number exactly as you entered it in WhatsApp. Make sure to include the country code, and check your reception.
We can't send you the code by email due to security reasons.
If you’ve forgotten your two-step verification PIN, check how to reset it in this article.

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