How to print your QR code for WhatsApp Business

Your customers can easily discover and contact your business using your WhatsApp QR code.
It can be printed and displayed prominently at your place of business. You can also download a WhatsApp QR code sticker template to frame your code.
Business Tip: QR codes are great tools for connecting with new customers and driving sales for your business. Share them digitally on your website or social media pages, or print it out and post it around your community.
Print your WhatsApp QR code
  1. Open the WhatsApp Business > Settings.
  2. Tap Business Tools > Short Link > QR Code.
  3. Save a photo of your QR code. You can do this in two ways:
    • Take a screenshot of the QR code.
    • Tap Share Code > Save Image to save the image to your device.
  4. Open your Photos app, and open the image of your QR code.
  5. Crop the image so that only your QR code is displayed.
  6. Print your Whatsapp QR code.
Note: To use the WhatsApp QR code sticker template:
  • The dimensions of your printed QR code must be 8cm x 8cm (302x302px).
  • Maintain the QR code’s aspect ratio by printing your QR code directly from your mobile device. You can also email it to your computer and print it from there.
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