About Cart

If you’re using the WhatsApp Business app, you can help your customers place orders through the cart feature. The cart provides a way for your customers to begin the order process.
Customers using the WhatsApp Messenger app will see a shopping button next to your business name in your chat or when they visit your business profile. Using this shopping button, customers can browse your catalog and add items to their cart from your catalog.
Once added, customers can access their cart by tapping the Cart icon in the catalog menu or in their message with the business. From there, they can also change the quantity of each item in their cart. When they’re ready to check out, customers can send the items in their cart to your business account as a WhatsApp message.
The feature will allow your existing customers to:
  • place orders quickly
  • ask questions about multiple items at the same time
  • place an order for multiple items simultaneously
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