How to play voice messages

Web and Desktop
Voice messages received on WhatsApp are downloaded automatically.
On received voice messages you'll see:
  • A green microphone
    on voice messages you haven't played.
  • A blue microphone
    on voice messages you've already played.

Play a voice message

  1. Click Play
    to listen to voice messages you've sent or received.
  2. Listen to the message.
    • Through your computer’s speakers: Play the message through your computer’s speakers.
    • Through your headphones: Voice messages will play through your headphones when they’re connected.
  3. While a message is playing, you can click the 1x icon to increase the speed to 1.5x or 2x.
  4. You can also:
    • Click and drag the dot located on the waveform, then
    • Drag it to the timestamp of the message you want to start playing from.
  5. Voice messages will continue to play even if you navigate to another chat or group within WhatsApp.
    • When you play a voice message and leave the chat, a mini player will appear in the bottom left of your window.
    • You can pause, play, and close the voice message, or go back to the original chat.
Note: When you receive two or more voice messages in a row, WhatsApp will automatically play them in order when you click Play. To stop your voice messages from playing in order, simply click the Pause button of the voice message currently playing.

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